PLEASE read this page before filling out the order form.

The order form is a fillable pdf. The form must be either mailed to us or, after saving it on your computer, emailed to us as an attachment. The form cannot be submitted online. Be sure to include your check with the form if mailing, or else see below to make a payment via credit card.

 For questions about shipping charges, see the shipping charges section below or contact us via phone call, text or email. Our contact information is on the order form and on the home page.

If you have questions when filling out the order form or have difficulty downloading the form, please feel free to contact us.


Credit card payments can be made over the phone or online. If you wish to pay by phone, you may need to leave a message since we are not always immediately available to answer the phone. We will call you back as soon as possible.

To make an online payment you will first need to fill out the order form and make note of the total amount due. Save the filled out order form. Then email the filled out order form to us. Click on the link below to the online payment center. You will need to enter the amount due from the order form.

After emailing your order form to us, CLICK HERE TO MAKE A PAYMENT ONLINE.
Note: Clicking the online payment button will take you out of this website. You will need to hit the back button on your browser to return.

Credit card payments are processed by Square.
We do not fulfill any order until payment is made.

Items in Order
Calendars only
Calendars and Bookmarks
Bookmarks only
JCAM (one only), with or without other items
More than one JCAM

Shipping Charge
$3.00 regardless of number (does not apply if ordered with other items)
$9.65 (Priority Mail flat-rate envelope)
See next paragraph

For multiple JCAMs, we recommend that you contact us to get the cheapest shipping cost. You can call, email or text. Be sure to include the number of JCAMs you are ordering and your zipcode. See the home page for contact information. 
However, you may click here to get information on the maximum shipping rates you will pay.