Steward Bookmarks / Reference Guides

Bookmarks spread - small

These bookmarks contain useful unformation for stewards filing grievances.
Bookmarks are 9 inches long and sold in sets of seven. They come in three different styles as shown below.
All bookmarks include information on both front and back.

Information included on the bookmarks:
1. JCAM contents
2. Minutes to hundredths conversion chart
3. Outline of Article 15 grievance procedures with timelines
4. TACs Codes
5. Disciplinary Just Cause Principles (Article 16)
6. National Labor Relations Act information
7. Article 31.3 - Types and sources of information
8. List of DOIS and TACs reports
9. List of Postal Service (PS) forms with form numbers
10. List of OWCP forms
11. List of pay periods and holidays

Bookmark types - Loose

Loose set
can be used to mark important
sections in


Bookmark types - Hole-punched

Hole-punched set
designed to be used in a
3-ring binder
with a full-size


This bookmark is shorter than the JCAM so it only
uses the top two rings in a 3-ring binder.


Note: This site does not sell the full-size JCAM. It sells
 mini-JCAMs only.

Bookmark types - Bound

Coil-bound set
to be used
as handy reference guides for stewards.


Gray areas in photos above are clear in actual bookmarks as shown in the photo at top.